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Success! | Trevor Stuart Elevating Lives


After 6 hrs and 50 minutes, Trevor and his guide Alex reached the summit of Mt. Sajama, the fourth and final peak in this leg of Elevating Lives.

The team woke up in high camp with no wind -20° then winds came around 3am. As dawn broke, the winds intensified. There was no real way of knowing what the temperature was on the summit., but Alex said at least 50km winds and temps could easily have been -35°. Alex and Trevor summited alone; the others were driven back to high camp by the bitter cold and high winds.

Trevor and Alex returned to camp and were met with some of Maria’s delicious soup! I’m sure it was a welcome (and warming!) treat!

Trevor’s Daily Dispatch:

“Hi this is Trevor Stuart calling from advanced base camp. We all started out our climb this morning for our summit bid of Mount Sajama at 2:30 in the morning. Rafael and Hugo and Margaret turned around and I continued on with Alex and I was able to summit at 9:20 this morning. It was amazing up there. It took me 2 ½ hours to get down to advance base camp where I had a wonderful meal made by Maria. Now we are going to head all the way down the mountain right down into Sajama village. Osvaldo says hi, he is very proud of everybody. And I just wanted to say that I’m very proud to be with Berg Adventures. If anyone ever wants to go adventuring, go Berg!”

Oh, and please share this with all of your friends & support Trevor’s efforts to raise $250,000 to help end family violence!

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