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Exploring Rombuk Monastery

Good news... Trevor reported that he's feeling better than he's felt since landing in Kathmandu - and that bodes well for the upcoming summit bid! Let's all keep our fingers crossed (and pray, if that's what you do) that he stays healthy.

Today, Trevor and Tashi visited the highest monastery in the world - Rombuk Monastery, founded in 1899 in an area that was used for meditation for over 400 years, is situated at the base of the Rongbuk Glacier and offers stunning views of Mount Everest.

By Original uploader was Csearl at en.wikipedia - Transferred from en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Rombuk Monastery is a Buddhist pilgrimage destination, with visitors coming from as far away as Nepal and Mongolia.

Tomorrow (well, tonight for us!) they'll do an acclimatization hike up to 5500 meters (18,044 feet) - then Trevor's doing LAUNDRY!


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