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Catch up with Trevor at Camp 1

The skies cleared above Everest on May11th, revealing a TON of new snow on the mountain. Trevor shared this picture on Facebook when he got back down to Base Camp... Just look at all the snow they'll have to plow through!

As mentioned in the last post, the team returned to Base Camp to wait out this storm. They spent a few days there resting and eating - Trevor's job was to try and put some weight back on in anticipation of all the calories he'll burn during the push to the summit. From the look of this pizza, I'd say it wasn't too difficult!

He hung out with a group of climbers that he met in Base Camp, and they relaxed by getting acquainted, playing cards, and watching movies. They've all joined forces for the summit push - I'm sure Trevor's happy for the camaraderie!

The team left Base Camp for their summit push on May 15th, spending the night at Interim Camp, and arriving in Advance Base Camp on the 16th. They took a rest day there and completed a short day hike to Crampon Point. This isn't their video (obviously) but here's a glimpse of what they saw...

Yesterday, the team reached Camp 1, which is is situated on a narrow ledge at 7000 m (23,000ft). Because of the delay in setting the fixed lines, there are traffic jams along the North Col (120 climbers and 80 sherpas, all trying to summit within a 3-day window!) Our guys managed to pass three slower-moving teams on the way up.

Once up in Camp 1, they dug their tent out of the snow (remember, they've been here before!) and settled in to rest. All three men in one tent makes for a crowded rest, but they'll be warm!

Trevor reported in when he arrived at Camp 1 - he's feeling healthy, strong, and shows no sign of altitude sickness. Click the map below to visit an interactive map of the area around Trevor's check-in:

Trevor spent yesterday afternoon visiting the other climbers in Camp 1, and he met some really interesting people, including a man from Holland who's on the last of his 7 Summits. He also spoke with a Sherpa whose daughter is in an abusive relationship; they plan to talk when they're back in Kathmandu. It's so great to hear Trevor's message resonating around the world!


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