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WHY they wait (and other shocking facts)

There's a storm brewing! And you don't mess around with a storm on Everest. This video is from a South Col expedition in 2003, but it certainly paints a vivid picture of what the team would be facing if they continued...


On Sunday, Tashi and Mingma headed up the North Col to set up Camp 3 (7800 m 25,590 ft) and Camp 4 (8300 m 27,230 ft) for Trevor's expedition. This includes placing supplemental oxygen cannisters so there's plenty available for the ascent.

With that task completed, they returned to Advance Base Camp, intending to prepare for climbing the next day. Unfortunately, bad weather has set in and China has cancelled all climbing efforts until the 18th or 19th of May.

Tomorrow, the team will head back down to Base Camp, where they'll focus on gaining back some weight (remember, they burn about 18,000 calories per day in high altitude!) in preparation for a proposed summit window of May 21 - 29 - weather permitting, of course!

We've been hearing about Trevor's expedition for so long, it's easy to take his health and safety for granted. Make no mistake - this is a brutal task. Fewer than 3000 people have EVER summited Everest, and over 200 have died trying. Let's look at some stats...

0.0007% chance of dying from a skydive

0.0167% chance of dying in a car accident

1.667% chance of dying from base jumping!

6.667% chance of dying on Everest

Learn more about what it means to attempt an Everest summit, courtesy of

Click the map picture below to link to a Delorme satellite map to see where Trevor is. You can even zoom in and take a closer look at the terrain.


Don't let Trevor's efforts be made in vain!

Please click the donate button on this page and give what you can. Talk about Elevating Lives. SHARE this post & encourage your friends and family to do the same. Let's stop the cycle here. Now.

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