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Two THOUSAND people turned away from shelter in OUR CITY!

Fleeing to a shelter is a last, desperate resort for families living in domestic violence. Yet "...almost three quarters of women and children trying to escape domestic violence were turned away because of a lack of space."

In a recent interview with Lethbridge News Now, Jennifer Lepko, CEO of YWCA Lethbridge, indicated that about 2000...TWO THOUSAND PEOPLE turned away in OUR CITY. And where do they go? Likely back to the perpetrator.

THIS is why Trevor is in Tibet, risking his life climbing Everest.

He's there so we pay attention.

He's there so we talk about family violence.

He's there so we take ACTION.

So what can you do to help?

Elevating Lives has raised $26,763 so far. That's a LOT of money, thanks to some very generous people. But it's not enough.

It's not enough to create more beds so 2000 people aren't turned away. And it's not enough to support the YWCA's efforts to advocate for these people and to provide counselling for them and their children so they can start to heal.

Please click the donate button on this page and give what you can. Talk about Elevating Lives and SHARE this post & encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Let's stop the cycle here. Now.

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