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Trevor checks in from Xigaze!

Good news - Trevor seems to be on the mend! He managed to check in several times over the past couple of days, thanks to his Delorme inReach SE! His gout is retreating, only giving him a sharp pain from time-to-time (just to remind him it's there!). Enroute from Kathmandu to Lhasa, he picked up a bit of a head cold, but he found some cold meds and a sauna and said his head is starting to clear up.

Tashi and Trevor visited Xigaze (Shigatse if you anglicize it) this morning - remember, they're 12 hours ahead of us! - then headed to Xegar (or Shegar) for the night. They have one more overnight stop before they hit basecamp.


Learn about Trevor's expedition & his guiding company, First Ascent Tashi

Donate today! Learn about Trevor's campaign to end family violence &

support YWCA Harbour House - after all, that's the whole point of this expedition!

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