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Shout out to an amazing supporter! | Trevor Stuart Elevating Lives

We’re all following Trevor’s adventures because he’s a “do-er”. We live vicariously through his efforts and feel like we’re making a difference right along with him. Every once in a while, though, someone comes along and “does” right along with him.

As Trevor was leaving for Bolivia for this second leg of his campaign for the YWCA Lethbridge & District, I received a message from Chris Oates at COGO Productions. Chris generously offered to donate his time and skill to bring Trevor’s blogs to life while he’s away.

What a difference it makes! Take a look for yourself, and if you’re in the market for video production, please look him up!

Toast to you Chris! Thank you!

YOU can do something to help too. Please visit Trevor’s donation page and give what you can – every dime helps! And if you can’t or already have, please share these blogs and his Facebook posts with your friends and family and encourage them to support this very worthwhile effort.

Thanks to everyone who’s already given so generously.

Let’s surprise Trevor with big fundraising gains when he returns!!

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