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Chilling in Sajama Village | Trevor Stuart Elevating Lives

High winds and a full base camp had the team chilling their heels in Sajama Village for an extra day today! It may turn out to be a blessing in disguise, because it looks like the cold front is moving out and the team will have low winds and sunshine for their summit day – cross your fingers!

For those who don’t know, Trevor fights gout – and it’s been acting up for the past few days, making wearing boots & hours on his feet VERY painful! Two days without climbing appears to have been the ticket here too, because he reports that the swelling is down significantly. Let’s hope & pray for a happy AND HEALTHY summit day on Sajama. I’d say he’s earned it, no?!

Sounds like the team made the most of their unexpected rest day, including some natural hot springs!

Please share this with all of your friends & support Trevor’s efforts to raise

$250,000 to help end family violence by donating at his

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