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Technical Skills Review | Trevor Stuart Elevating Lives

Today, the team set up in Condoriri Base Camp and set out for some technical skills review & training on the mountain.


This included the proper & safe use of crampons, which are most familiar in ice climbing, but are also used to safely traverse snow and ice on the mountain. You can see why they’d be helpful to the team as they practiced crevasse crossing –>


They also practiced properly installing anchors in the snow. These anchors are used in the event someone is unsuccessful at the crevasse cross (see above) and slips into said crevasse. They’re also used for rappelling and to safely hold one or more people from sliding down the mountain in an emergency. Apparently almost anything can be used as an anchor, but the team likely took a conservative approach. Learn more about anchors – how they’re built into the snow and how they’re used – in this great blog by Backcountry.


Self-arrest, literally stopping yourself, is handy if you slip and start to slide down the mountain. Not fun…trust me… The climbers are able to stop themselves safely and regain their footing – hopefully before they pull everyone else on the rope down with them! To practice, you just throw yourself down the mountain, then try to stop.

Oh, and please share this with all of your friends & support Trevor’s efforts to raise

$250,000 to help end family violence!

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