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Condoriri Base Camp | Trevor Stuart Elevating Lives

Trevor flew out of Calgary International on Friday, June 5th, beginning his nearly 32-hour trip to La Paz, Bolivia.

This is the second leg of his effort to climb 6 peaks in 16 months to raise money and awareness for YWCA Lethbridge & District through his Elevating Lives, one peak at a time campaign to end family violence. You can learn more about Trevor’s reasons for pledging his efforts to YWCA Harbour House & see his video on the YWCA fundraising page. Oh! And you can donate there too; after all, that IS the point of this :)


For those of you who don’t know, the YWCA has been an amazing sponsor of Trevor’s effort. All three of their personal trainers have donated their time to train him for this adventure for free! 1 hour a day, 5 days a week, Trevor trains at the YWCA gym. If you’re looking for a friendly place to work out or a skilled trainer who’s not too scary, check it out. Fun fact: both men and women are welcome!

​By Sunday, the entire group of four climbers, 2 guides, and various other personnel had arrived in La Paz, and the team spent a few days there to acclimate to the altitude.

La Paz, Bolivia sits at about 11, 975′ (3650 m) above sea level – for contrast, Lethbridge is about 3,047′ (929 m) above sea level. The city started in a bowl in the Andes and has built far up the mountain.

The team was dealing with altitude before taking a step, and the guides are careful to allow plenty of time for everyone to adjust before taking to the trails. There was plenty to do and see while they waited – here’s a sneaky-peek at some of Trevor’s photos. You’ll have to attend his second Elevating Lives talk at CASA on July 9th to get the full meal deal!

Trevor’s go-to guiding company, Berg Adventures, have once again generously given him access to their satellite phone, so he’ll be leaving daily dispatch reports. We were lucky to receive audio recordings with the Argentina climb; this time, I’m not sure – for now, we have a transcript. I’ll leave the rest of this blog post to him:

​Trevor’s Daily Dispatch:

“Hi this is Trevor Stuart calling from Condoriri Base Camp at 4,690m. We have just arrived and just set up our tents. I can see that dinner is being prepared. The sun is almost going down. We are doing absolutely awesome. It was a 2-hour hike-in. We are geared up tomorrow to begin Cerro Austria, we will summit that peak tomorrow and return to Base Camp to do another peak the next day.

Stay tuned everyone. I love everybody and I hope the fundraiser is going great for the YWCA Lethbridge district, Harbour House. I want to raise lots of awareness and also want to stop family violence. So now is the time and thank you all for following the story and I look forward to calling back in tomorrow. Goodbye!”

Oh, and please share this with all of your friends & support Trevor’s efforts to raise $250,000 to help end family violence!

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