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At Berlin Camp Preparing To Summit! | Trevor Stuart Elevating Lives

Berlin Camp (High Camp) is situated at 19,600′ – officially the highest Trevor has EVER been. I can only imagine how he felt; this was a big moment for him.

Finally, the team is seeing some snow; it’s been unseasonably warm on Aconcagua. The winds at High Camp were 45 Km yesterday – easy peasy for us here in Lethbridge, but likely a shocker for the other members of the Dirty Dozen! I’m sure Trevor had plenty of wind stories to keep them all amused. It will likely get stronger as the move closer and closer to the summit. Who knew just living HERE was part of Trevor’s training! :D

The team will wake up at 2:30 AM tomorrow and decide if both the weather and the team are ready for summit day..stay tuned!

Please support Trevor’s efforts to raise $250,000 to help end family violence!

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