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Acclimatizing for High Camp | Trevor Stuart Elevating Lives

The Dirty Dozen spent the day at Nido de Condor (Camp 2), acclimatizing and resting in preparation for tomorrows move to Berlin Camp (High Camp) – the camp from which they’ll attempt the summit. They’re now seeing the winds this mountain is famous for – it blows all night, disrupting their sleep, and challenges them during the day, as they try to climb.

Some of the team took a day hike to Nikki’s Rock while the others just rested and let their bodies deal with the high winds, extra altitude, and thinner air. Trev, of course, took the hike!

Trevor's Daily Dispatch:

“I certainly bounced back, I am in really good shape and I hope this continues. Everything is going really, really, good; the sun is setting, absolutely pristine landscape, looking over top all the other mountain peaks is just phenomenal… I want to wish everyone all my love and hope everyone is doing great at home and the fundraising is going really good I hope for the YMCA / Lethbridge district. Until I know more, ciao for now!”

The team will make their summit bid on the 6th. That means they’ll move up to Berlin Camp, also High Camp, on the 5th. I know we all wish them luck!

Oh, and please share this with all of your friends & support Trevor’s efforts to raise $250,000 to help end family violence!

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