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About Trevor Stuart

Trevor Stuart Elevating Lives

Trevor grew up surrounded by domestic violence. He experienced a pivotal moment when, as a child, he decided he’d live above how he was being raised and accept whatever consequences came with that.


That one decision changed everything for him - choice by choice and lesson by lesson – until one day, he felt strong enough to help people living with some of the challenges he grew up with.

As a result of those choices, Trevor has experienced a world he never dreamed of. He’s climbed major mountains all over the world to raise money and awareness for two causes close to his heart: Big Brothers Big Sisters and the YWCA. And he accomplished that despite daunting physical and emotional challenges that seemed determined to thwart him.

Trevor’s message? “If I can do it, you can too!” Thanks to a high level of commitment, dogged determination, and perseverance in the face of roadblocks and adversity, Trevor has elevated his life and finally escaped his past. Now, he inspires others to answer the call for themselves . . .

"What's YOUR Everest?"  

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